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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Doppelgangers, Beards and Hot Dog Flavoured Pizza

Seasons greetings to you all, friends, and I trust the significance of this much venerated respite is rich in your cognisance as you put the feet up, and some easter eggs down over the weekend. Having become somewhat familiar with the average athletes daily schematics over the last few years, it’s possible to ruminate that not too much is different for a triathlete over Easter - training continues, as does ungodly amounts of chocolate consumption, albeit in a more egg-shaped form than usual. At this point, it may be shrewd to note that it has taken a steadfast will, as well as sage advice from others to resist the urge to segue into a barrage of egg related puns. Given that free range on the gags is currently embargoed, allow me to drift back to the spirit of the holidays we currently enjoy. 
My current mantra aspires towards a zeitgeist largely concerned with a healthy, and uninjured body. A brief recourse over the history of my last 18 has come to the conclusion that my lower limb health has a reciprocal relationship with the health of my facial hair, and thus the maxim, ‘healthy beard - healthy body’ was born. The forthcoming comments garnered have come the conclusion that such growth has me resembling many common depictions of the very man this holiday remembers, i.e. one J Christ. Apparently not my only doppelganger, and interestingly, a reflection of the type of person can be seen by who they think I resemble. Think of it like the beard equivalent of the Rorschach inkblot test.
Religious Types : J Christ
American History Buffs : Abraham Lincoln 
Australian History Buffs : Ned Kelly
Musicians : Angus Stone
Runners : Forrest Gump
Aircraft Engineers : Tom Hanks circa Castaway years
Toy Manufacturers : A young Santa
Comic Book Fans : Wolverine
Comedians : Zach Galifianakis 
Peace Lovers : John Lennon
War Lovers : Che Guevara
Almost everyone : A lycra wearing hobo
Hmmm, consensus perhaps?
Lastly, enjoy your chocolate tomorrow, and if you think you have overindulged, you haven’t. Not unless you’ve had this. Courtesy of the good people at Pizza Hut UK, the hot dog stuffed pizza. And before you ask, I definitely wasn’t googling hot dog stuffed pizza when I stumbled across this. No meat on Good Friday wasn’t that hard...

Happy Easter friends.